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Nature Walk(20.01.2020)

 Our Nursery students conducted Nature walk.We took the children to the Buchanan campus.and a student made a small prayer. After that they were taken to the ground to play.Then they were taken to the principal's room .Madam gave one sweet to each student and they were happy

Friendship Day(20.09.2020)

 Tiny tots conducted their friendship day.  Each of them made beautiful and attractive cards with the help of their parents. They exchanged cards and snacks with their friends

Memory Test (11.08.2020)

We have conducted memory test for LKG and UKG students. All the children were very much excited to watch all the items displayed on the table and they tried to memorise almost all items. Two smart boys answered all the names of the items.and became Winners in the Memory Test.

Colours Day (22.07.2020)

Children came to school in colour dresses. The children were very happy to see the beautiful card they made. They exchanged their cards with their dear friends.

Talents Day(17.08.2016)

Nursery section conducted "Talents Day" to find out the hidden talents of our tiny tots. We had played music and the children danced.Some students sung some said stories and rhymes.

NATURE WALK(16.09.2016)

Children were taken to the hospital side to show them the Buchanan Hospital and also made them understand the need of a hospital and  the duties of a doctor and nurse.Later we took them to the playground.

FASHION SHOW(28.09.2016)

The idea of a fashion show came in reality.This year parents had taken the programme whole heartedly and with their full support the programme became a grand success.Children came in different fashionable dresses. .


We took the students to Kodimathe,Idrive park in our school bus. In park they played for 21/2hours.

NATURE WALK(16.09.2016)

We took the chidren to the Buchana school side. There we saw a beautiful garden with varities of flowers.It is maintained by the KNH students.

CHILDREN 'S DAY (14.11.2016)

Children day was celebrated on November 14th .Children conducted a fashion show. Our tiny tots appeared on the stage in different variety of colours and fashions..

FRUITS DAY(21.11.2016)

We conducted "Fruits day".Made children aware of the names and uses of fruits snd they brought different types of fruits. We made fruit salad and we distributed it to every students.


Our UKG classes conducted a greeting card competition.All the chidren paticipated in that competition.Children and their parents took a good effort to make cards.