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Admission And Withdrawal

Bishop Speechly Vidyapeeth

 The school has classes from L K G to Std. X at present. Application for registration must be made on the prescribed form available from the school office on payment of Rs. 50/- Admission to all classes except L K G & U K G will be on the basis of entrance tests. Children will be admitted to the nursery classes on the basis of their priority in the registration of application. An admission fee of Rs. 150/- has to be paid at the time of admission. Application for admission should be accompanied by the following documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Transfer certificate, Report sheet

Minimum age for admission to L K G is 3+ years at the time of admission. Withdrawal of students during the school year is not generally allowed. However if a student is to be withdrawn for reasons beyond the control of the parents an application must given by the parent in writing to the principal. If the student leaves in the middle of a term, fees for that term must be paid.